Saturday, October 3, 2009

My Opinion about Books I've Read

This is not a professional review. Just ramblings of one who reads a lot and writes a lot. My opinion. I just finished Edward Lee's "Flesh Gothic". I'm a girl who doesn't mind some gritty, brutal, torturous, satanic ritual, sado-masochistic stories. With that said, I did enjoy this story. Great and interesting characters. The story was suspenseful, unique in plot and at times a little hold your breath please don't go in that room scary. Not a I need to sleep with the lights on scary, just a little every once in a while. I loved the hero and the ending was very fitting. It ended how it should have ended. I was satisfied.

Now if you think it's going to be a you can barely read the whole book because you heard it was really graphic. I disagree. There was some unique torturing going on. Don't get me wrong. That's exactly what I heard about it and in comparison to J.F. Gonzalez's "Survivor" or Wrath James White's "Succulent Prey" or even Jack Ketchum's "The Girl Next Door, it was pretty tame. For the nastiest of nasty, try any one of those. Which I also liked but will not read again due to being traumatized. I'm pretty sure I suffer from PTSD because of those stories. "Flesh Gothic" left me reasonably whole and sane.

Thanks for giving a shit.

Suzie B.