Sunday, October 11, 2009

Hypothetical Ponderings on The Brady Bunch

Wonder if after Carol and Mike married, Carol only displayed pictures of Marsha, Jan and Cindy. No pictures of Greg, Peter or Bobby adorned their wood paneled walls. Would anyone notice? Would anyone say anything?

Okay, now wonder if the children are all grown and living on their own. Greg and Peter are married (no, not to each other) and they have children. Bobby is divorced and has one child that doesn't live with him. Jan and Cindy are married and have children. Marsha never married and has no children.

They all gather at Mike and Carol's home for holiday gatherings. Greg's children notice that there are no pictures of them or of their father or their uncles or their uncle's children. Only pictures of Marsha, Jan and Cindy and their children. How do you explain that? What would Greg say to his children? He doesn't even know why and no one talks about it.

What could Carol be thinking to only display pictures of her children and her children's children? What could Mike be thinking to let this happen?
How would Mike's kids feel?
How was it to grow up in a home like this?

Just curious. Thanks for playing.

Forever Haunted,