Saturday, November 14, 2009

Writer's Brain

Getting to my writer's brain is much like a sneeze. I feel it coming on. I like the feeling. Here it comes. Come on now...bring it. Okay it's right there just need to look into the light. Yes, HACHOO! Words spew forth on page, brain working overtime. Loving it...nothing else exists but the story, my characters, my scene and then and then....someone interrupts me. Crap! Pulled back to the here and now. Trying to maintain the story and the feel. Nope they are talking too much. I lose it. It's gone. Now where is that sneeze? Pepper anyone?

Bitch Session

Be warned: I am going to bitch! Did anyone see Stephanie Meyer on can youtube it, which is what I did. Now, I have to say that I don't typically feel jealousy. It is foreign to me because I am almost always insanely happy for other writers success. But Ms. Meyer, in my opinion, does not deserve it. She didn't have to pay her dues. She didn't have to struggle like most of us. Working so hard at writing our short stories for no pay or little pay. Writing our novels that don't see the light of day. There are some absolutely brilliant writers in this relatively small circle of ours that do deserve wild success. It just doesn't seem fair, yes, I know life isn't fair. It just goes to show you that you don't really need talent, just find the right market. My solution to my nasty problem here is this: join in the hoopla and stop fighting it. I will purchase my first 'Twilight' book and read it, hopefully, with a smile on my face. Who knows, maybe I will change my mind. I hope so...I do not like jealousy. It's the nastiest of emotions, I think.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Wow!!! Yay me!

So, I'm in something called the 'best of''. Still can't quite wrap my head around that. The 'best of''...could it be a fluke. Could the publisher mistaken my story for someone else's? Will she email me shortly saying 'oh I'm so sorry, I picked the wrong story. Didn't really mean yours was the best of 2009.'

Ok, so I have little self-confidence. It's irritating for me and I'm sure those that get to hear me droll on about things. But does my story deserve this wonderful accolade? Yes, it does. It's a good one. There, do you feel my self-confidence rising? I do. Don't worry it will get shot back down with my next rejection. There's always a rejection.

At the moment I will just take it for what it is....woohoo!!! yay me, my little story 'Caught in a Time Warp' which is dedicated to my best friend Kisha actually made the House of Horrors "Best of 2009 Anthology". Can I be any more excited? No, is the answer.

Buy House of Horrors "Best of 2009 Anthology" here

My story 'The Messers' is also available in House of Horrors "Creature Features" anthology at the same link above.

Thank you for giving a shit!

Forever Haunted,