Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Wow!!! Yay me!

So, I'm in something called the 'best of''. Still can't quite wrap my head around that. The 'best of''...could it be a fluke. Could the publisher mistaken my story for someone else's? Will she email me shortly saying 'oh I'm so sorry, I picked the wrong story. Didn't really mean yours was the best of 2009.'

Ok, so I have little self-confidence. It's irritating for me and I'm sure those that get to hear me droll on about things. But does my story deserve this wonderful accolade? Yes, it does. It's a good one. There, do you feel my self-confidence rising? I do. Don't worry it will get shot back down with my next rejection. There's always a rejection.

At the moment I will just take it for what it is....woohoo!!! yay me, my little story 'Caught in a Time Warp' which is dedicated to my best friend Kisha actually made the House of Horrors "Best of 2009 Anthology". Can I be any more excited? No, is the answer.

Buy House of Horrors "Best of 2009 Anthology" here

My story 'The Messers' is also available in House of Horrors "Creature Features" anthology at the same link above.

Thank you for giving a shit!

Forever Haunted,